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Forrest Glewwe Visions of Excellence Award

The Forrest Glewwe Visions of Excellence Award is awarded to a professional business leader whose contributions have made a lasting impact on the businesses and communities in our region.

We hope you will consider filling out an application for the nominee! Please note that applications should not be submitted by the nominee themselves.

All applications are held in a confidential manner. Please feel free to attach supporting documents as necessary. The Recognition Committee of the River Heights Chamber of Commerce will evaluate the individual nominee using the following criteria and supported documentation. Please complete each area, demonstrating how this person has met the criteria.

Deadline to submit this application: Friday, August 4, 2023.

Thank you for your interest in this award. The application deadline has passed. Please contact Colleen at the Chamber at colleen@riverheights.com or call 651.451.2266 if you need further assistance.

Qualifications & Criteria:

Nominees for the Forrest Glewwe Visions of Excellence Award should possess the following qualities and accomplishments:

  • Remarkable Leadership: The nominee should have a proven track record of exceptional leadership, guiding their organization to achieve sustained success and growth. They should have demonstrated strategic vision, innovative thinking, and the ability to navigate challenges with resilience and adaptability.
  • Community Impact: The ideal candidate should have actively contributed to the betterment of our community through philanthropy, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and volunteer efforts. Their commitment to creating a positive social impact beyond their business endeavors should be evident.
  • Ethical Practices: Integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct are fundamental aspects of the nominee’s character. Their commitment to upholding high moral standards and fostering a culture of trust within their organization should be evident.
  • Industry Influence: The nominee’s influence within their industry should be notable, with a reputation for excellence and innovation that has positively impacted their field and inspired others.
  • Career Achievements: Throughout their distinguished career, the nominee should have garnered recognition, awards, or commendations for their contributions and accomplishments.
  • Mentorship and Inspiration: The candidate’s ability to inspire and mentor others in the business community should be evident, with a proven dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Past Award Winners

Congratulations to these past Forrest Glewwe Visions of Excellence Award Winners

1987 – Dale Schenian
1988 – Forrest Glewwe
1989 – Ken Nelson
1990 – Harold LeVander, Sr.
1991 – George Cameron
1992 – Lyle Jacoby
1993 – Ed Kuntz
1994 – Mark Brown
1995 – Worth Stiles
1996 – Sid Puppe
1997 – John Tenney
1998 – Kathy Smith
1999 – Noel Estenson
2000 – Doug Rech
2001 – Bill Lucking
2002 – Jim Kemp
2003 – Ed Gutzmann
2004 – Donnette Hilton
2005 – Don Haugen
2006 – Greg Kuntz
2007 – LaDonna Boyd
2008 – Kevin Kraus
2009 – Cheryl Frank
2009 – Don Chapdelaine
2010 – Mike Haverkamp
2011 – Nancy Fish
2012 – Bill Smith
2013 – Rollin Glewwe
2014 – Harold “Red” Leonard
2015 – Senator James P. Metzen
2016 – Beth Baumann
2017 – Rick Hansen
2018 – David Langer
2019 – Carol Swenson
2021 – Dr. Jim Winsor